Architects Ink



Architects Ink has an additional Asset Services team led by Manager Aaron Bentley, providing highly qualified services to both government and private entities for the past 15 years. Architects Ink has developed a reputable standing in their field and is a preferred consultant firm within South Australia.

We are recognised as an industry leader for use of the state government’s Strategic Asset Management Information System (SAMIS). We are responsible for its maintenance and development in conjunction with DPTI Building Management. Architects Ink can also provide intensive SAMIS training to facilities management and clients.





The Asset Services team is involved in data collection, building assessment and maintenance surveys for the aforementioned client bodies. Typical services include:


Life Cycling & Auditing

Recording and tracking of assets for life-cycling and depreciation by capturing on-site data, generation and maintenance of asset registers and drawings, and preventative maintence schedules.


Building Condition

Detailed analysis of a building’s condition including costing assessments, evaluation of depreciation  and replacement costs.


General Assssment

Assessment audits for bushfire, evacuation audit, air-conditioning, equipment and machinery.

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